New for 2023 – Parkrun Championship

We want to make this Championship different from others by rewarding personal achievement more than speed by also giving points for your age grading, as well as points that can be gained for your own improvements over the year. If you don’t know what age grading is, then take a look at the park run website for a full explanation, but basically you receive a % rating which is based on your age and time relative to other people of the same age. So a V50 finishing in the same time as a V45 will receive a higher % and therefore more points in our comp.

The other aim is to promote the club and hopefully encourage new members by showing up as a group on these days and showing the social side of the club, so please wear your club colours to participate and for the obligatory group photograph before the run.

The events will be on the 1st Saturday of each month March – October, alternating between Pennington Flash and Worsley Woods, starting with The Flash on 4th March. Remember that The Flash is on Odd Months (3, 5, 7, 9) and Worsley Woods is on Even Months (4, 6, 8, 10).

Remember to run hard, but above all else, have fun and run with a smile!

Scores To Date

First event on 3rd March at Pennington Flash


First Saturday of each month Mar-Oct. If cancelled then the following week will be used.
Odd months at Pennington Flash – Mar, May, Jul, Sep
Even months at Worsley Woods – Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct
Points scored for A&T position 30 pts for quickest, 29 for 2nd, etc
Points scored for age grading 30 pts for highest, 29 for 2nd, etc
Scoring is gender-specific, but the table will mix everyone together
Best 6 results count (or 5 if you only participate 5 times)
5 bonus points each time you break your current CPB Target time
CPB Target time is calculated as either, your best time at that Park run of 2022, plus 30 seconds
Example: You ran 29:32 on 1st Jan 2023. Then your target CPB will be 30:02.
OR, if you did not run in 2022 then you are not eligible for a bonus in the first event, but your first time becomes your CPB.
If you break your CPB Target, then this becomes your new CPB.
The CPB is course specific, so one for The Flash and one for Worsley Woods.

Wear your A&T club colours to show everyone what  great club we have, with obligatory group photo before running 🙂

2022 FINAL Trail championship table