Other Training Events

This page is to inform members, and those interested, about events and training outside of the regular club sessions, including and not limited to:

  • Seasonal Training
  • Event Specific Training (Marathon Training groups etc)
  • Race Recce Runs
  • One-Offs (Yorkshire 3 Peaks etc)

The idea of this page is to provide information and resources to help include all of the club in activities happening within the club community and to help those new to the club find out about what is happening.

Lockdown Trail Series

I’ve now created a separate page for the Lockdown Trail series, which will continue into 2021. See link below.

2020-21 Winter Training Runs

Calderdale Hike (26) Recces

Dates to be confirmed based on changes in Tiers, hopefully February.

Recce 1 – Sowerby Cricket Club (Start) to White House Pub (13.1 Miles)

Recce 2 – White House Pub to Sowerby Cricket Club (12.6 Miles)

Route details can be found on race website, here and I will post a downloadable route closer to the time.

Rivington Christmas Run

** Walker Fold Woods Car Park Meet **

Tuesday 29th December

This run will start at Walker Fold Car Park (BL1 7TP), this is a large car park but gets very busy, there are plenty of spaces further up the road towards the Bob Smithy Pub if no spots are available, but we should be ok as we are starting before 10am. There is also a Coffee van there, so take your card for afterwards if the weather is nice for a ‘socially acceptable’ brew :). The runs will consist of a number of group runs based on distance and how much wine you have drunk in the past week.

These are sociable runs and nobody should be worried about being left behind. We will muster regularly to allow those wanting to run a bit faster to do some intervals, but also feel free to download the course onto your watch if you want to go at your own pace and meet the rest of us at the end.

The options for run distances are 6.5, 8.5 and 12 miles and links to download from Garmin Connect or GPX are below.

I will be running with the 12 mile group and there will be a designated run leader for the other two groups. However, if there are more than 6 people in the group I would request that you adhere to social distancing guidelines and split into smaller groups with a 5 minute gap between each group. Therefore, if you are able to upload the course onto your watch, please do to enable this to be a painless process if required. None of the courses are difficult to navigate particularly when your watch is telling you where to go. You could even open the GPX on the OSMap app and follow on your phone as you are moving, see screen grab below:

6.5 Mile Route – Garmin Connect – 09:45 Start

8.5 Mile Route – Garmin Connect – 09:30 Start

12 Miles Route – Garmin Connect – 09:00 Start

Link to all 3 Courses GPX file to download