Welcome to the wonderful world of Fell Running!  

A&T has a small, but ever growing bunch of fell runners, no doubt attracted by the opportunity to push themselves, explore some of the lovely countryside we have around us, and just do something  a little bit different.  

Most people who try the fells not only relish the challenge, but also love the friendly and welcoming nature of fell running.  Don’t let worries about navigation and kit lists put you off, we’ve got a range of races planned throughout the year, most of which are accessible for newer fell runners, and a great team happy to give advice and reassurance, and answer any questions you might have.  


The Fell Runner’s Association (FRA) has a standard kit list that you should plan to take to any fell race you take part in.  Race organisers will let you know when you register what you need to carry.  Remember the weather on the fells can change very quickly, and be very different to the weather in the valley.

FRA Minimum Kit list:

  • Full waterproof body cover (jacket and trousers – with taped seams)
  • Hat & gloves
  • Whistle
  • Map and Compass.

You’ll also need something to carry all that in!  

Many of the races we do won’t require all this, whereas some may require other items, so make sure you check the race details in advance. If it is listed as essential at the start of the race, they won’t let you go without it, so its best to be prepared.  Again, if you need advice on kit, just let us know. 

Fell Championships 2022:

We are again taking part in the Run The Moors Grand Prix for 2022. 





Race and Link


Cat, Distance/ascent


Sunday 27th February

Hoppits Hill

BS, 5KM/210M


Saturday 5th March

Moorhouse’s Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round



Saturday 9th April

Wardle Skyline *

BM, 11.3KM/381M


Wednesday 18th May

Blackstone Edge

AS, 5.6KM/366M


Thursday 2nd June

Leo Pollard Memorial Race *

BM, 12KM/426M


Wednesday 15th June

Brown Wardle

(and a bit moor) *

AS, 5.3KM/360M


Tuesday 12th July

Beater Clough

AM, 10.9KM/610M


Sunday 7th August

Saddleworth Round

BL, 29KM/1000M


Saturday 3rd September

Grisedale Horseshoe

AM, 16KM/1,525M


Saturday 24th September

Thieveley Pike

AS, 7KM/400M


Sunday 16th October

Withins Skyline *

BM, 10.1KM/300M

  • Pre Entry is recommended where available. (* = Pre-entry is not available)
  • 5 races from the 11 will be needed to qualify in the Run The Moors series
  • Races subject to change if cancelled/

Fell Championships 2021 – Final results           


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Fell Champs in 2021,  and to our prizewinners.  

A&T club championship archive:

Fell Captain: Rachel Haslam

Routes for recce

Eddie’s Revenge