AGM Minutes 2024

Minutes for Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners AGM 28th January 2024

The members were welcomed to the meeting and 5 members of the Committee were in attendance Mark Riches, Malc Collins (MC) Chris Bennett (CB), Matt Thorpe (MT) & Simon Ford (SF)

Annual reports

Membership finished with 67 members, and it was acknowledged that attendance at races from A&T members is down on previous years. Following some discussion, it was suggested that we need to keep members informed of upcoming events & celebrate success. CB will take this forward. Parkrun section was a great success last year & this year the intention is to incorporate 2 additional venues Warrington & Peel Park in addition to Pennington Flash & Worsley Woods

Treasurers Report

MC advised those present that we have approximately £7000 in the bank but due to spend approx. £1700 on free vests. Despite this we are able to knock £5 off the subs

Setting of membership fees for 2024

A reduction of £5 pa plus everyone who was a member at 31 December 2023 to receive a free A&T vest as a reward for their loyalty.

  • £30 for membership renewal
  • £35 for new members
  • £13 for second claim members
  • £25 for half year membership which starts from 1st

We will let members know via FB when the infrastructure is in place to accept membership payments. Membership needs to be renewed within 4 weeks of this announcement or they will be considered as a new member and the fee will be £35.



Proposed change to Constitution


Election of Officers & Committee

The following club officers were elected for another year:

Role Name(s)
Club secretary Mark Riches
Treasurer Malc Collins
Membership secretary Jon Hall
Race Captains Jackie Price & Vikki Hodkinson
Cross Country Captain Vacant Position
Park Run Captain Chris Bennett
GP5 Race Organiser Matt Thorpe
Social Secretaries Matt Thorpe, Josie Maley-Jones & David Sloan
Website Manager Rob Hulley
Coaches Monday David Sloan & Wednesday Simon Ford


  • Members will be able to purchase additional items of new Club kit (short & long-sleeved t-shirts) after the distribution of the free vest – details to follow.
  • Manchester marathon 14/04/2024 – volunteers needed (Lynn Boylin is the contact)
  • Bolton Ironman 30/06/2024 – volunteers needed (Lynn Boylin is the contact)
  • Gin Pit 5 06/10/2024 – volunteers needed (MT is the contact)
  • Xmas party confirmed on 07/12/2024 (CB is organising)
  • Following a suggestion from a member (Andrew Cass) the attention is to set up a small group to look at marketing the Club – MT will link in with Andrew.
  • MT will also be organising steady runs from the track on Monday evening as soon as work commitments allow – further information to follow.
  • We definitely need more Run Leaders if you are interested, please contact SF.

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