XC (Cross Country)

Cross Country Championship 2020-21


With all local leagues currently postponed indefinitely and certainly no events before 2021, it is not clear how many organised races will be held this season, possibly none! A&T will therefore be holding some self-organised, local and low-key events, for A&T members only and following whatever Covid guidelines happen to be in place to ensure safe racing.  Please contact Tim Campbell for more information or to enter any race.

XC_Champs_Latest Standings 2020-21_after Race_1_Gin_Pit

Race Schedule

Date            Time                                       Venue

01/11/20      09:30 (staggered start)        Gin Pit                               

12/12/20       TBC                                         TBC (depending on lockdown!)

Championship Categories
Under 45 women / Under 45 men / 45 & over women /45 & over men.
The UK athletics rule regarding age groups & ruling date 31 August (midnight)/1 September to apply.
Please note that while each league will have the standard age group categories displayed on their results, Astley & Tyldesley age grading for the champs will be that ‘Senior’ is under 45 and ‘Vet’ is 45 and over for both men and women.

In all championship age categories 1st place 30 points, 2nd place 29 points, 3rd place 28 points, etc.
Since the number of races to be held this year is in doubt, further info on the number of races to qualify will be issued in the new year when we’ve got more clarity. 

Championship Awards
Perpetual trophies will be awarded to first man and woman in each age category. Championship trophies to first 3 men and women in each age category. 

Archive: Previous Years Results         

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