XC (Cross Country)

Cross Country Championship 2018-19

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1. Races (all Saturdays)
Date                                League                                      Venue
13/10/18                       Red Rose                                 Leigh Sports Village *
20/10/18                      SELCC                                       Heaton Park **
10/11/18                        Red Rose                                 Leverhulme Park Bolton
17/11/18                        Red Rose                                 Rossendale
24/11/18                       Mid Lancs/European         Sefton Park, Liverpool
01/12/18                       Red Rose                                 Todmordon Centre Vale Park
15/12/18                       SELCC                                       Tandle Hill, Oldham
12/01/19                       Mid Lancs                                Towneley Park, Burnley
19/01/19                       SELCC                                       Heaton Park
09/02/19                     Mid Lancs                                Leigh Sports Village
16/02/19                      SELCC                                       Yarrow Valley, Chorley
02/03/19                     Mid Lancs                                Cuerden Valley Park, Leyland 

2. Start Times
Red Rose – women 1:35pm / men 2:15pm
Mid Lancs – women 2:00pm / men 2:30pm
South East Lancs – women 1:40pm / men 2:20pm

3. Websites
Red Rose www.redrosecrosscountry.co.uk
Mid Lancs www.midlancs.org.uk
South East Lancs www.selcc.co.uk

4. Cost
*Red Rose – £6.00 for all four races payable to Michelle Fairclough at first fixture.
Mid Lancs – no cost to individuals.
**South East Lancs – £6.00 for all 4 races payable direct to the race organiser at the first fixture.

5. Championship Categories
Under 45 women / Under 45 men / 45 & over women /45 & over men.
The UK athletics rule regarding age groups & ruling date 31 August (midnight)/1 September to apply.

Please note that while each league will have the standard age group categories displayed on their results, Astley & Tyldesley age grading for scoring purposes, has been decided by the Committee that ‘Senior’ is under 45 and ‘Vet’ 45 and over for both men and women

6. Scoring
In all championship age categories 1st place 30 points, 2nd place 28 points, 3rd place 27 points etc.
Scoring is based on BEST 7 races from 12.
Runners must complete at least 7 races to qualify for prizes.

7. Championship Awards
Perpetual trophies will be awarded to first man and woman in each age category. Championship trophies to first 3 men and women in each age category. Additional award will be presented to runners who complete all 12 races.