Ultra Running

By Dave Sloan – A&T Ultra Running Captain.

After the success of the previous three years where we had an increasing number of members taking part each year in events beyond Marathon distance we are all set for a big year of ‘Going Long’. With more members than ever showing interest and more and more races popping up all over the country there are ever increasing opportunities to grab a part of this fast-growing running trend, and maybe grab yourself some bling at the end of the season.

As with last year, the 2020 season will be an Ultra running only championships, therefore removing the qualifying shorter trail events. This has been done based on previous years results not relying on these races and the amount of time it takes to research these shorter (less significant in terms of points) races in order to put the points together. In short, it was taking ages to compile.

The Championships will begin on 1st January 2020 and finish on Sunday 8th November 2020.

All races over Marathon distance will count towards your championships score with a minimum of one and a maximum of three race results counting towards your final score, so make them count.

In order to try and increase participation we will have 3 races only in the championships this year, all chosen as they are races members have enjoyed, are reasonably priced, are accessible to those new to Ultra Running, or are part of the RunFurther Championships these will be:

  • Haworth Hobble – Saturday 14th March (32 Miles / 4400ft Elev.) – £20 Entry Fee (Approx – Not Yet Open)
  • Trailblaster (Burnley) 10-12th July (Timed event 6/12/24hr) – £38-£50 Entry Fee
  • Bullock Smithy (Stockport) – Saturday 5th September (56 Miles / 8095ft) – £30 Entry Fee

Separately, a few members of the club will be competing in the 2020 Run Further Championships. Click here to find further details.

The scoring system for the races is outlined in the rules attached and is based on the total miles run in a race, a multiplier is then achieved based on the amount of climbing involved in the race, this score is then multiplied by your finishing position (as a ratio of the number of starting runners). There are also a couple of other consideration, firstly, if you take part in one of the listed ‘Championship’ races above you will automatically bag yourself an additional 20% onto your score and if you do a multi-day or relay event (total distance over 26.2 miles) there will be 5% taken from the score per additional day or team member (i.e. a 3 day event will forfeit 10% of their total score, or a 4 person team will forfeit 15% of their total score), this is to make it fair for those running longer distances over shorter time-frames and individually.

All supporting information is attached below, scoring spreadsheet and championship rules.

Championship scores will be updated and published regularly throughout the year.

If you have any questions about  Ultra Running, or joining A&T to get involved in this, please feel free to contact me.

2020 Championship Rules

2020 Championship Scoring Sheet

2020 Championship Current Scores (Updated 08/11/20)

2020 Provisional Men’s’ Results

2020 Provisional Ladies Results

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