Ultra Running

By Dave Sloan – A&T Ultra Running Captain.

2020 was a tough year for all of us, and because of this we had to think about how we could go about making our running competitive, but in a safe way. There was a lot of success in the ‘Stay Safe’ series through the spring and early Summer and because of this we started off the year with four Club-only challenges to keep the club spirit high and keep us all ready for the season when it officially kicked off..

The 2021 Ultra Championships started off with FOUR club challenges, one per months between February and May.

I have now evaluated the availability of races and can confirm that we are now going to allow external races to count towards the championships as a number of club members have now competed in a number of events and England Athletics are allowing a lot more events to take place as long as they are in a COVID-secure manner.

The Championships will begin on 13th February 2021 and finish on Sunday 31st October 2021.

Up to the end of May, only club events will count towards the club championships. If it is deemed that there are enough events available after this, then we will require each runner to complete at least 1 other external event to qualify for the overall championships. These races will be selected by the club based on supporting events to help local organisers.

The first FOUR races of the 2021 Ultra Championships are:

  • Centurion Running One Love – Virtual 50k – February 13/14th (C)
  • A&T March Distance Challenge – Throughout March (See Below)
  • Centurion 1 Community – Virtual – 2nd to 8th April (C)
  • Stay Safe 50k- 10 Days, 10x5k’s – 1st to 10th May (See Below)

In order to qualify for the 2021 Ultra Championships you also need to complete at least one other race of 50km or further before the end of October. As per the original Championship rule, the top 3 scores will count towards your final score, including your one external race.

The scoring system for the races is outlined in the rules attached and is based on the total miles run in a race, a multiplier is then achieved based on the amount of climbing involved in the race, this score is then multiplied by your finishing position (as a ratio of the number of starting runners).

There are also a couple of other consideration, if you do a multi-day or relay event (total distance over 26.2 miles) there will be 5% taken from the score per additional day or team member (i.e. a 3 day event will forfeit 10% of their total score, or a 4 person team will forfeit 15% of their total score), this is to make it fair for those running longer distances over shorter time-frames and individually.

There are no Club Championship races this year, therefore no opportunity to earn an extra 20% on your points.

All supporting information is attached below, scoring spreadsheet and championship rules.

Championship scores will be updated and published regularly throughout the year.

If you have any questions about  Ultra Running, or joining A&T to get involved in this, please feel free to contact me.

A&T March Distance Challenge

This challenge is simply, how far can you run in the Month of March!

But make sure you read the rules properly!!!!

  • The rules of the challenge are:
  • You must complete the below spreadsheet with all your runs in the month
  • All runs must be completed within government COVID laws. For example, under current guidance (22/1/21) you are not allowed to travel further than your local recreational area to exercise. Breaking this rule will result in disqualification from the whole event.
    • Therefore all runs must be visible on Strava.
  • Each athlete must complete at least 1 run of each of the following distances :
    • 1km
    • 1 Mile
    • 5k
    • 10km
    • 10 Miles
    • 1/2 Marathon
  • You MUST run on the following dates:
    • Monday 1st March
    • Thursday 11th March
    • Saturday 20th March
    • Sunday 21st March
    • Friday 26th March
  • 50% will be deducted from final Championship score based on this being over the month.

Enjoy your running!!

*** Download Spreadsheet Here ***

Stay Safe 50k

The Return of an old favorite.

  • Same rules as last year:
  • Run 5km every day, 10 times.
    • If work or life get in the way, you can do 2x 5k in 1 day, but they have to be part of the same run, with no more that 15 mins between each.
  • Runs must start and finish in the same place, or at same elevation if not possible, to prevent unfair advantages.
  • Each person must complete a minimum of 5k, or 3.11 mile each run and upload to Strava for confirmation.
    • Runs need to be labelled as ‘Race’ on Strava. They will not be counted in results if not.
  • After Day 3, live Standings will be uploaded to Facebook page each evening at 8pm.

2021 Championship Rules

2021 Championship Scoring Sheet

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