Trails Captain for 2022 is Tim Campbell

The Trails section is new for 2022 and consolidates all off-road running, whether trail, fell, cross country or ultra into a single A&T championships. The events are handpicked to ensure that no specialist knowledge is required, although a stout pair of trail shoes may be needed for some of them! The champs will cover everything from a flat local trail race to muddy cross country to a hilly ultra in the Lakes, but support is there for those that have questions, and nobody will have to go far out of their comfort zone to be able to enjoy themselves away from the tarmac.

For those that are hooked on fell running, cross country or ultras, there are still plenty of club members taking part in these events outside of our champs and we will still remain affiliated to Run the Moors and the cross country leagues, see the bottom of the page for more details on this.

2022 champs table following Race 7 Pennington Flash Parkrun

2022 Fixtures

There’s something for everyone in this year’s champs to give you a flavour of trail, fell, ultra and cross country. To help guide your choices I’ve put together a set of race descriptions as best I can, bearing in mind that I haven’t done all of the races before so some race descriptions are taken from the organiser’s websites. I have also then ranked each races using a bespoke and entirely 100% accurate and mathematically modelled “fun factor” rating, using a combination of difficulty, length, terrain and my own gut feeling. If you have any questions then please ask and I’m more than happy to take people on a recce run if they would like to “try before buying”.

Club Affliliations

Also, don’t forget that we are affiliated to several inter-club championships and I’d recommend that you check these out to find out how you can compete against like-minded trail, fell, cross country and ultra afficianados in a really good selection of local races:

The Run the Moors (RTM) fell competition –     

The Central Lancs Grand Prix (CLGP) (currently no website that I’ve been able to find!)

North West Cross Country League (NWCCL) –      

Red Rose Cross Country –

Mid Lancs Cross Country –        

South East Lancs Cross Country (SELCC) –

For ultras I would recommend joining the free to enter which always has a good selection of races and sometimes gets you entry to races that are otherwise full!