Training Schedules

Monday Speed Efforts and 10k easy/steady group
Tuesday Group Run
Wednesday Stamina Efforts
Saturday/Sunday Long Runs – arranged via Facebook group


Monday night sessions are held at Leigh Sports Village. Speed session is on the track and the easy/steady 10k group start at LSV

Track Sessions

Tuesday night sessions are from the bottom of Bee Fold Lane, Atherton in the Summer and Atherton Train station car park in the Winter.

Wednesday night sessions are from Miners Welfare at Gin Pit Village.  These sessions start with a 1.4 mile warm up and around 4-5 mile session then 1.4 mile cool down


There may also be long runs on Saturdays and Sundays
These runs are usually long steady runs – 10 miles and over. They are not always on due to club races etc. and it is recommended that you check Facebook for the latest news regarding weekend runs. or if you suggest a long run on Facebook someone will join you

All weekday sessions start at 6.30 prompt