Other Training Events

This page is to inform members, and those interested, about events and training outside of the regular club sessions, including and not limited to:

  • Seasonal Training
  • Event Specific Training (Marathon Training groups etc)
  • Race Recce Runs
  • One-Offs (Yorkshire 3 Peaks etc)

The idea of this page is to provide information and resources to help include all of the club in activities happening within the club community and to help those new to the club find out about what is happening.

Lockdown Trail Series

During lockdown, a new 5 to 6 mile trail route each week on one of our local parks, to be completed by the end of Sunday. Either 1 lap on foot, or 2 laps by bike. Please be Covid-safe and follow government guidelines.

Please see below for gpx files and (partially accurate) route descriptions. To submit a result please tag Tim Campbell in Strava, or send a message with a picture showing your ELAPSED time (not moving time). Also a quick note that you are welcome to start a route at any point, so long as you complete the circuit, but the route notes will begin somewhere with parking.

Latest results: Lockdown Trail Series Results Week 3 v2

Stay Safe Duathlon Series

01/06/20 – 30/09/20

With events across the world cancelled and travel restricted, we felt that the December presentation evening would be a little barren. With this in mind (and the fact that swimming isn’t available right now), we’ve decided to create some club duathlon events. Duathlon, for the uninitiated is a 3 stage event like triathlon but instead of swim-cycle-run, it’s run-cycle-run.

Because of the current guidelines stating “one form of exercise per day”. These events will be over 3 consecutive days and will consist of 2 event series.

Event Series 1 – Monthly Time Trials

This will consist of 2 types of race. The “sprint” and the “standard”. Each distance will be awarded points for the fastest 2 attempts recorded based on the cumulative times. So if you completed 3 sprint duathlons and a standard then your total time for the fastest 2 sprints will be ranked. To qualify for a place you must complete 4 events. So yes you will have to complete both distances.

The distances and dates are as follows:

Sprint:-                 5km Run – 15km Ride – 5km Run

Standard:-           10km Run – 30km Ride – 10km Run

Event weeks as detailed below

  • 1st June – 7th June – Sprint
  • 15th June- 21st June – Standard
  • 6th July – 12th July – Sprint
  • 20th July – 26th July – Standard
  • 3rd August – 9th August – Sprint
  • 17th August – 23rd August – Standard

Event Series 2 – Monthly Grand Tour (Distance Challenge)

For those that like to “go long”, we have the distance challenge. Choose your 3 consecutive days. You must complete in order a run, a cycle and another run. Your time limit for each activity is 1 hour. Cumulative distance will be ranked accordingly with an adjustment for climbs. You will have one attempt per month starting in June and ending in September. To qualify, you need to log 2 separate attempts in different months. NOTE each attempt counts towards the total so get the miles in.

And finally, you can do a Big Grand Tour, or CopperMan (copper is a bit softer than iron), consisting of (1 hour each) run-run-cycle-cycle-run-run on consecutive days. (one attempt only and completed by 30th September 2020)

Cumulative points for each event will count towards the A&T Triathlon Championships.


  • You must let me know when you are attempting an event/stage.
  • All activities must be recorded on a measuring device such as a watch or a phone and uploaded to an online platform for viewing.
  • The stated distance is the minimum for each activity. Short runs/rides will not be accepted. If Strava takes distance from your activity (as it sometimes does) then please send me the original data (help on request).
  • Any rides carried out on an ‘indoor trainer’ will incur a 10% penalty to compensate for wind and incline.
  • All results will be based on Elapsed Time rather than Moving Time so choose your routes carefully. Note – you must check that autopause is disabled.
  • Each Distance will have a ranking table and be scored according to finishing rank. These scores will then count towards the overall championship competition.
  • If you are using Strava then title your activity “Stay Safe TT May/June etc (run 1/cycle/run2)” or“Stay Safe GT May/June etc (run 1/cycle/run2)” and mark it as “Race”. If not then please either forward a screen shot of the activity or forward the GPS file to me. (as per Stay Safe 50k)
  • Your run cycle run may be inside or outside but MUST be on consecutive days.
  • Where possible runs/cycles should be in a loop or out and back from home to enable the warm-up and cool down periods to be within social distancing guidance.
  • No run/cycle shall be ‘Downhill’. This will be managed sensibly, if you feel one of your runs may be downhill, put it in your run notes and run in the opposite direction the following day.
  • Elevation as per Ultra champs for running. Cycling elevation thresholds are double the run thresholds.
  • Penalties will also be issued in accordance with the ultra championships for the run sections. Penalties for the cycle elements will be twice the amount of the running penalties. Activities deemed to be excessively over the nominal time may be disallowed.
  • No cheating/GPS doping/short cutting/cheeky wheel sucking! You won’t make any friends and you will forever be known as Cheaty Mc.Cheatface.
  • Always stick to social distancing guidelines.

Any concerns with timings or the routes taken by other runners will be reported direct to myself for consideration. Final decision will be based solely on physical evidence and uploaded data.

Gary Firth


A&T Rivington Ultra

Up to 31st October 2020

The final race in Club Ultra Challenges is the A&T Rivington Ultra, this is a single run where you must complete the given course (34.5 Miles) within the month of October. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the area and terrain and run with a small group (within current guidance) if you are not a regular to this type of running or these areas. Please see rules below:

  • Run must be recorded on a measuring device such as a watch or a phone and uploaded to an online platform for viewing.
  • The whole course must be completed, if navigation error occurs, you must return to your last point on the course before continuing.
  • All attempts must be within the month of October 2020 to count towards the A&T Ultra Championship.
  • All results will be based on Elapsed Time rather than Moving Time.
  • Final positions within race will be decided based on Total Elapsed Time.
  • All runs uploaded to Strava should be named ‘A&T Rivington Ultra’ and the Type of run shall be selected as ‘Race’.
  • those not on Strava will need to DM a screen grab of the front page and data page of their run from their recording platform. See below from Garmin:
  • Multiple attempts may be made, but you will need to advise me when you have made your final effort that will count.
  • Where possible the run should start ond finish from the same point from home to prevent overall elevation loss on the run, which would give an unfair advantage.
  • The following rules and deductions will be made to each individual run, so make sure you stay within the rules every day:
  • Where a runner unknowingly misses any section of the route a nominal amount of time will be added based on the following for the whole section:
  • 30:00/mile for flat/downhill sections
  • 40:00/mile for uphill sections
  • All times will be updated weekly and results will be posted on the club Facebook page on Sundays. All those not on FB should message me direct for results to be sent out individually. Please let me know when you have had an attempt as this will help to motivate others.
  • Any concerns with timings or the routes taken by other runners will be reported direct to myself for consideration. Final decision will be based solely on physical evidence and uploaded data.
  • The results of this event will go towards the club 2020 Ultra Championships, therefore final scoring will be based on Specified Distance from uploaded GPX and Finishing Position, so check your route before you make a wrong turn as it won’t count this time.
  • Run well everybody.
  • link to garmin route
  • For GPX please contact me directly.

Dave Sloan

2020 Winter Training Runs

Haworth Hobble Recce 1 (First 14 Miles)

Saturday 25th January

This run will start in Haworth and run in a Westerly direction following the trails along a number of reservoirs to Long Causeway. This section of the route is on a mixture of hard packed trail, flagstones, soft trail and short sections of road. As with most of the course, there are a lot of exposed areas, so make sure you pack appropriate kit. We are also likely to be out for around 3 hours as this is a recce to gain a knowledge of the course for those racing in March, so make sure you take enough food and water.

Haworth Hobble Recce 2 (Last 18 Miles)

Sunday 16th February

Starting at Long Causeway, where the last recce finished, we will take a more scenic route back to Haworth, first heading south through Todmorden and climbing up to Stoodley pike and then changing direction to head back North East, up the cobbled road to Heptonstall, to come back down the other side to then climb steadily again out of Hardcastle Crags for an ‘undulating’ last 6 miles. This is a tough but enjoyable route, but expect to be out for 4 hours, so as with recce 1, ensure you have the correct clothing, food and water to get to the end as the weather is changeable and there will be nowhere to buy food on the way around.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Saturday 22nd February

This run will be an attempt to complete the 24 mile loop taking in the three peaks of the Yorkshire dales (Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside, Ingleborough) within 6 hours (Weather dependant). This is a tough route with around 4,800ft of elevation change. Those wishing to come should be able to navigate the course from a GPX if the group splits, be experienced over this terrain and distance and have suitable equipment and resources to be self-sufficient for the duration of the run.

Other groups are welcome to join as I will post a GPX on here close to the date, but they should have somebody who is able to lead a group, particularly if the weather is bad on the hill tops. Contact me if you want to come, but are unsure.