Monday Night

Track Sessions

Monday night track sessions take place at Leigh Sports Village, Sale Way, Leigh, WN7 4JY between 6:30 – 7:30 and are organised by Dave Sloan who has been a member of the club since 2013 and track coach since 2014.

These sessions are focused on speed and speed-endurance and are generally organised seasonally based on the up-coming races of the club (i.e. road season, cross country, spring marathons). All sessions can be adapted to suit individual training needs if required.


Spring 2019

8th April

400m Hard – 1:30 Rest

400m Recovery after every 4 Efforts (No 1:30 Rest)

Repeat for 45:00

15th April

800m @ 5k Pace

400m Steady

Repeat for 45:00 – Continuous Run

22nd April

** Bank Holiday – No Track **

See Facebook for other scheduled sessions.

29th April

3x 400m Hard – 1:30 Recovery

4x 300m Hard – 1:30 Recovery

3x 200m Hard – 2:00 Recovery

All working between 85-90% Effort.