Monday Night – Track

Track Sessions

Monday night track sessions take place at;

Leigh Sports Village, Sale Way, Leigh, WN7 4JY

6:30 – 7:30 Monday Evening (Except Bank Holidays)

These Sessions are organised and delivered by Dave Sloan who has been our track coach since 2014, assisted by Gary Firth.

Track sessions are focused on speed and speed-endurance and are generally organised seasonally based on the up-coming races of the club (i.e. road season, cross country, spring marathons). All sessions can be adapted to suit individual training needs if required.

Winter 2020

All sessions will begin with a slalom of drills, the aim of which is to develop form and warm up the body before main session. It is important during the cold periods of the year to keep moving during these sessions to prevent injury.

On all efforts, focus should always be on form over outright speed. If you have any questions regarding correct form, please see Dave or Gary.

13th January

Long Tempo Run based on your recent 5k Time Trial average speed.

Session is a 40min repetition of the following:

800m @ 5k Pace

200m Steady Jog

The Jog recovery is not an easy plod. You should still be working during this, but just enough to recover in order to complete another 800m at 5k pace. I would expect the efforts to be getting slightly slower towards the end as you work hard to beat the fatigue.

20th January

Mile Repeats

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

40 Mins of 1-Mile Efforts at 5k pace with 1:00 static recovery.

After every 3 efforts complete an easy 400m around the outside of the track (No 1:00 rest required on this recovery).

27th January

Speed Endurance

40mins of 1,000m repetitions with 200m easy jog recovery.

The Effort should be at 5k pace for the first 800m, with a hard race-type finish each time.

Get your breath back at the end and jog around for another go.

Your legs should feel like jelly on the sprint finishes by the end.

3rd February

** Halfway through the training block we are going to have a little test to check progress and set new 5k target paces to work off for next time-trial**

3k Time Trial

15 Mins Recovery, followed by:

2k Time Trial

This will test:

  • Mental aptitude (can you push yourself to your limit on first effort knowing you’ve got another one 15 mins later)
  • Rate of Recovery
  • Speed Endurance – Can you run faster than 5k pace for the whole distance (this doesn’t come natural to a lot of people).
  • Running Form (Can you hold your running form over the shorter distance).

10th February

45mins or Maximum 10 Sets of 800m Hard with 100m jog recovery.

** Just remember which cone you started from each time, when you finish your effort at that same cone, jog to the next cone and start again **

This will be a very tough session if done correctly.

17th February

Bit of Winter Speed Work!!

400m Repeats for 40 minutes.

400m Hard followed by 400m easy recovery jog.

Aim of the session is to keep moving, but be able to reach a good speed and hold form on the efforts. No pacing on this session, just hard work.

24th February


One of Gary’s Session’s from the summer returning to Monday night but with a slight change to keep the legs moving during this cold time of year:

3x 800m Hard – 200m Jog/Walk Recovery

3x 400, Hard – 100m Jog/Walk Recovery

(You will finish the third 400m at the Start/Finish line if you do it correct)

800m Easy Jog

Steady Tempo Run at 5k to make session up to 40 Minutes.

2nd March

5k Time Trial

1x 400m Strides

2x 400m @ Target 5k pace with 1:00 Recovery.

5k Time Trial.

Good Luck!!!