Monday Night – Track

Track Sessions

Booking for track sessions is available for the 8 week block up to 7th December.

Monday night track sessions take place at;

Leigh Sports Village, Sale Way, Leigh, WN7 4JY.

6:30 – 7:30 Monday Evening (Except Bank Holidays)

These Sessions are organised and delivered by Dave Sloan who has been our track coach since 2014, assisted by Gary Firth.

Track sessions are focused on speed and speed-endurance and are generally organised seasonally based on the up-coming races of the club (i.e. road season, cross country, spring marathons). All sessions can be adapted to suit individual training needs if required.

Summer/Autumn 2020

We are returning to Monday night training under new Covid Restrictions.

You MUST book before attending a session via the following link. Please do not embarrass us by turning up if you haven’t as we may have to turn you away.

Book Here

All sessions will begin with a series of drills, the aim of which is to develop form and warm up the body before main session. It is important during the colder periods of the year to keep moving during these sessions to prevent injury.

Monday 24/08/20

Location – Pennington Flash parkrun start area.

Aim of this session is to set a benchmark for the next block and improve your 5k pace for a TT in October.

10 mins warmup/drills then 40 minutes parkrun loop repeats. Aim to run each loop (from the gate at the turn to the gate on the hill) faster than your CURRENT 5k pace (just short of your mile pace). WALK to the start and go again.

On all efforts, focus should always be on form over outright speed. If you have any questions regarding correct form, please see Dave or Gary.

Good Luck!!!