Monday Night – Track

Track Sessions

Monday night track sessions take place at;

Leigh Sports Village, Sale Way, Leigh, WN7 4JY

6:30 – 7:30 Monday Evening (Except Bank Holidays)

These Sessions are organised by Dave Sloan who has been a member of the club since 2013 and track coach since 2014.

These sessions are focused on speed and speed-endurance and are generally organised seasonally based on the up-coming races of the club (i.e. road season, cross country, spring marathons). All sessions can be adapted to suit individual training needs if required.

Spring 2019

29th April

  • 3x 400m Hard – 1:30 Recovery
  • 4x 300m Hard – 1:30 Recovery
  • 3x 200m Hard – 2:00 Recovery

All working between 85-90% Effort.

6th May

Bank Holiday – No Session

13th May

  • 1x800m Hard (3:00 Rest)
  • 6x400m Very Hard (3:00 Rest)
  • 1x800m Very Hard

This should be a really tough session if carried out at the correct intensities. the 800m initial set is to get the body used to working at high intensity, then the 400m sets should be at around 95% effort, the last 2 efforts should start to feel tough. The final lap of the 800m should feel like the final straight of a race when you are chasing somebody down and have nothing else to give.

20th May

  • 3x 1,000m Hard (3:00 Active Recovery – Jog/Walk to Start)
  • 2x600m Hard (3:00 Active Recovery – Jog/Walk to Start)
  • 1x400m Best Effort

Aim of this session is to really work hard on speed, technique and efficiency in the efforts, as you start to get fatigued the distance decreases to enable to hold form/quality. Then an all-out effort for last set of the day to get rid of that last bit of energy and get your wobbly legs – This should be a REALLY tough session!

27th May

Bank Holiday – No Session

3rd June

3 Sets of below:

  • 1x800m @ 5k Pace (2:00 Rest)
  • 1x400m Hard Effort (2:00 Rest)
  • 1x200m @ 400m Pace (1:30 Rest)
  • 1x200m Best Effort (2:00 Rest)

Aim of this session is to warm legs up in order to do the first speed sets of the year, the 400m pace efforts will prepare the legs for the 200m Best Effort.

10th June

  • 6x400m @ 800m Pace (1:30 Rest)
  • *** 5:00 Recovery ***
  • 3x200m Best Effort (3:00 Active Recovery – Jog/Walk to Start)

Aim of this session is to hold a hard/steady pace over the 400’s to get some good quality speed endurance training, then recover before some short, hard 200m efforts.

17th June

  • 2x800m Hard (3:00 Rest)
  • 6x200m Hard (3:00 Active Recovery – Jog/Walk to Start)

Aim of this session is to use the 800m efforts as a warm-up for the 200m sets where you will focus on speed and form.

24th June

**** 1-Mile Time-Trial ****

Session will be a long warm-up consisting of drills and efforts to warm the body up to go for a fast 1-mile effort.

There will be a Men’s and Ladies race with times recorded.

Session details:

  • 15:00 Warm-Up & Drills
  • 800m Steady with Strides every 100m.
  • 2x 400m Hard (3:00 Static Recovery)
  • 2x 200m Hard (3:00 Static Recovery)
  • 5:00 Rest
  • 400m Easy With Strides – Directly before Time-Trail.
  • 1-Mile Time-Trial – Best Effort.