Lockdown Trails Series

During the Covid restrictions into 2021 I will continue to provide a series of trail routes on Strava/Garmin, along with a description of the main navigation points on the route. Each will be around 5 or 6 miles in our local parks/trails and will need to be completed within a set time period (usually a week).

During the current National Lockdown, the rules are more stringent than they were in lowers Tiers, so please make sure that you are aware of and adhere to the current government advice / instruction in taking part in any of these weekly routes. At the moment this may vary individual-by-individual depending on where the route is and where you live, plus of course there are some fairly clear rules about meeting people. However, since the advice can change at any time, I will not publish it here in any detail, but direct you to the official government website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home#exercising. In the meantime, I will continue to publish new routes and the results for each route, but for the time being will suspend the ongoing leaderboard to make sure that nobody feels unduly pressured to complete a route when that might not be appropriate. In any case, these routes are intended to be more about participation, a bit of focus for your training and having a bit of fun, than about a serious competition.

2021 Trail Series

2021 Route Details

Rules for 2021

UPDATE 9th Jan 2021: The leaderboard is currently suspended whilst in National Lockdown.

It may be necesary to amend these rules from time to time, which may mean backdating results.

  1. The overall leaderboard will be mixed but the points scored will be gender-specific – 30 for the quickest, 29 for 2nd, etc. (see leaderboard for further details)
  2. Leaderboard positions:
    • By number of points scored across your best 66%+ events (see 3 below)
    • Where 2 runners of the same gender are equal on points then most head-to-head wins will count
    • Where head-to-heads do not separate, then % average across completed routes will be used
  3. You won’t need to complete all routes, but at least 66% of the routes will count (for example, if we have done 6 routes then your best 4 will count, if we have done 13 then 9 will count)
  4. You can make as many attempts as you like during the allotted time period
  5. Record your time on Garmin or equivalent and let me know by either tagging me or sending a message.
  6. It is the ELAPSED time that counts, i.e. not moving time, as this is the equivalent of your race time – the clock keeps ticking if you need to tie your shoelace! On Strava, setting your result to “Race” makes this easy to see.

2020 Archive

Final results for 2020

Lockdown Trail Series Results Week 7 FINAL for 2020

2020 Route Details